Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009!!

We had a really fun Halloween this year and the kids got so much candy it is ridiculous!! We started out the night by going to our wards "Trunk or Treat" which was pretty quick this year since it was just our ward involved and also our ward had a spook alley which my kids of course didn't want to go through, even though Andrew was playing Dracula in it they told me that there was no way they were going through! Andrew had to stay and clean up so I decided to take the kids around the neighborhood for an hour or so and they loved it! Ava kept complaining that her pumpkin was getting too heavy but she didn't want to let go of it! Ava and Alex both had fun dressing up for their school parties but I couldn't get any pictures of of Alex in his costume because he had his party after lunch and he didn't put his costume on until then! We had fun carving pumpkins a few days before Halloween but I think Andrew and I did most of the carving and I forgot to take pictures of the pumpkins when they were finished! Alex carved a skull in his pumpkin and Ava carved a heart! They were both turned out awesome! All in all we had a great time and we truly love Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Ashley Longman! CUTE COSTUMES!!!! Thos kids are getting SO BIG!!!!

The Covington Fam said...

Yeah! We love Halloween also. We were bummed we couldn't spend the night together, but one of these years we definitely have to! :)

A Real Key Largo Housewife said...

Cute family picture! Your kids are getting so big! Whats this about no tri ward trunk or treat? I move away and the activities go to pot. LOL. Just kidding. Ok, well, when you guys are ready for a vaca come see us.

The little trio

The little trio
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